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Microdermabrasion (MDA) also referred as microresurfacing, is a dermatosurgical procedure used for mechanical exfoliation of skin. MDA is commonly referred as body polishing and uses a mechanical medium as aluminum oxide crystals at high pressure to remove the outermost layer of stratum corneum from the epidermis. It is a painless and noninvasive procedure, performed in office by dermatologist.

MDA is a simple safe and commonly used treatment modality yields mild but measurable improvement after repeated sessions.

Indications for Microdermabrasion:

Well – established indications, known to yield satisfactory response

  •   Facial Rejuvenation
  •   Photoaging
  •   Transdermal delivery of drug

Useful in selected cases, know to yield moderate response

  •   Acne scars
  •   Stretch marks
  •   Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  •   Melasma